Hyperion to achieve its goals has entered into agreements with top companies from the global community. Our strategic partner is the international advertising company Aiyellow from which we have ensured the exclusive availability of all its services for Greece and Cyprus. AiYellow operates and operates for over 12 years with 8,500 associates in 128 countries and has offices in all Continents. It is based on a pioneering network that ensures stability and high quality connectivity to the web, providing high-level access speeds to its platform.

Objective: The goal of AiYellow is to provide a simple but at the same time smart and evolving advertising product that will cover any business activity and any kind of professional. 

The mission: It is the continuous optimization of the platform and its services in collaboration with the leading technology companies in the world.

Certified Quality: Quality is a commitment for AiYellow for all products and services it provides. It has service certification from the world’s leading companies: TrustGuard, W3C.

High-Level Technology: Its servers are located in Springfield, Virginia, and Seattle, USA, and have the highest technological standards.



The History of the Aiyellow International
Chamber of Commerce

2005 With a special committee, the Board of Directors of the International Chamber of Commerce has approved the creation of a web portal through which its members can advertise and display their products or services. Following a call for competition, the American advertising company Iridis, based in Los Angeles, California, was chosen to carry out this project. Iridis has the necessary staffing of designers and developers and has had the necessary expertise in Internet technology as well as in trade directories since 1995.

2007 By combining the power of the Internet and the experienced Iridis technology team, the aim was to develop a platform through which Successful business access to advertising was given in the form of a sophisticated online Yellow Pages Guide. In January 2007, after completing this platform, it moved to New York to secure its financial resources.

2008 On November 21, 2008, AiYellow acquired all necessary licenses to operate in the World Market with an ally from the International Chamber of Commerce. 2009 In May 2009 Aiyellow began to operate independently of the International Chamber of Commerce. But as a company it never forgot its institutional roots. For this reason, as a respect for the International Chamber of Commerce and all the local National and International Chambers offers special prices to all their members in the countries in which they operate, providing them with high quality services and dynamic visibility of their services.

 2015 In December 2015 Aiyellow started its operations in Greece. 2018 In 2018 it closed with 1.5 million advertised businesses to trust it, many of them jargon names on the world market. This is due, on the one hand, to the excellent and pioneering services of the company, and to its world-renowned human resources, which exceeds 8,500 associates in 128 countries.

2019 2019 closed with 1.5 million advertisers trusting it, many of them shaky names in the global market. This is due on the one hand to the excellent and pioneering services of the company, and on the other hand to its trained human resources worldwide which exceeds 8,500 associates. In addition, in 2018 the company introduced its new platform www.aiyellow.com and introduced to the global community its own YTC digital currency which is used as a method of payment both for the purchase of services by AiYellow itself and for the purchase of products and services. from the wider trading community!

2020 In 2020 GDC in collaboration with Aiyellow created the new business promotion service “City Guide” which includes guides by category of business-professionals in each city, e.g. “Health Guide”, “Gastronomy Guide”, “Beauty Guide”, “Tourism Guide”, “Car Guide”, “Fashion Guide,” Education Guide “,” Professional Guide “etc.

The World Wide Spot links function as a link to the site or e-shop of each business

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